RGB LED Board (1 of)

RGB LED Board (1 of)


Mounted 10w RGB LED for 12V (3S) operation.




  • 10W RGB LED Pre-mounted 
  • 2W ballast resistors
  • Mounts with 2.5mm cap heads



10W RGB LED mounted on PCB carrier with ballast resistors. Use 2 per wing for 60-85" and 4 per wing above that. Designed to work with the RGB Tip Controller with Pyro board.



The board should be mounted using 2.5mm cap heads through the holes in the LED. The LED should be mounted to a small heatsink (minimum 1" square ali plate), this heatsink will typically be epoxied to a carbon tube through which the wires are run.


Note: The LEDs will overheat if run at full power with no airflow over them.


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