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Jet Italia Pulse170

Jet Italia Pulse170


Diameter   117mm

Length       290mm

Weight       1495g

Min Thrust >Idle 35000 rpm >4,5N *

Max Thrust >Flight 117000 > 170N*=17Kg

Fuel Consumption 520cl/min *

Max EGT 630°C

EGT max continus 600°C @ 117000 rpm

* 15°C 1013.25 hPa 


Il Kit Composed :

  • Ecu ProJet
  • Display LCD
  • Fuel Pump
  • 2 Solenoide Valve
  • Wire Set
  • I/o Board
  • Turbina Mount Inox
  • Fuel  Filter
  • Stock Status


    Please contact us on our Facebook page or via our email for stock status & estimated delivery times before/when placing your order.

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