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Glider_it Prismaray

Glider_it Prismaray


This amazing glider estimated by many model flyer enthusiasts all over the world, adopts the same fuselage of the Stingray but with a larger wingspan of 3.750 mm.


It can be defined as an all round glider dedicated to those pilots who really look for extreme performances, fun to fly and a scale glider look. Its flight is fast, precise and able to perform all the most imaginative acrobatics without never being critical.

On the other hand, thanks to its modified MH (9%) wings profile, it never results critical and it insures maximum efficiency in a wide speed range.


Technical Data 

Wing span: 3750mm

Wing area: 88dm2

Fusolage lenght: 1750mm

Weight (OD, glider config.): 5.6kg

Weight (OD, extralight tech., glider config.): 5kg

Wing load: (OD, extralight tech., glider config.) 57g/dm2


Suggested engine setup

Battery cell:5s Lipo

Battery capacity: 5000mAh

Propeller: Carbon propeller 18x13

  • Ordering

    Due to the customisation opportunities of each order we recommend facebook messaging or emailing us so we can fully configure your model.

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