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Integral 2.5m ARF-plus, painted, including tailpipe ,tanks and E-retract (A-gree

Integral 2.5m ARF-plus, painted, including tailpipe ,tanks and E-retract (A-gree


COMBO - package, includes ELECTRON e-retract with brake. 


After more than 18 month research and development, Tomahawk Aviation has created a new Sportjet, based on the drawings of Gottfried Hirscher, to a small static model, to the CAD drawings, and the preperation for mass-production. The model set's new benchmark in design, the totally new shape should of course polarize. THINK DIFFERENT!.


Like with all Tomahawk models, we put our focus on the construction, the typical sandwich-composite contruction is the basis, reinforced by carbon-fibre at important sections. Totally new, and unique is the 3-chamber (fuel, smokeoil, hopper) tank-system installed in the fuselage already.


Tomahawk offers the first time a Sportjet at ARF-plus premanufacturing status , this means the model is already built and painted . All rudders, horns, mounts, formers , gear-doors e.t.c. are pre-installed . The magnetic-lock system for wing and stabelizer connection is already installed , the wing and stab connection is prepared for e-connectors. The tailpipe for 220N turbine engine and the 3-chamber tank is already installed. 


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