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Tomahawk Hawk XXXL 1:2,5, 3.8m, full composite kit, white

Tomahawk Hawk XXXL 1:2,5, 3.8m, full composite kit, white


The Original

Originally, this aircraft was developed in the 50s under the name Northrop NF-156F as a cheaper, low-maintenance fighter. The first flight took place on 30 July 1959 instead. For such models was at that time, however, no market. The U.S. Army has signaled some interest to use that type to, but nevertheless it took very long until the F-5 was produced in series.


The Kit

For the full fiberglass kit that is produced in most modern sandwich-vacuum technology, we will have all accessories from the scale landing gear, cockpit, exhaust pipe to the fiberglass tank we can offer everything in field-proven quality. Furthermore, we will round off the kit with all scale accessories and you can choose between the single engine version or with 2 turbines.


Wingspan:3,80 m
Lenght of fuselage:4,90 m
Weight (all up):70-80 Kg
Required turbine size:550 Newton
Wing construction:fibreglass/carbon composite
Fuselage construction:fibreglass/carbon


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