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FW ASW-17 1:4,5 full composite kit

FW ASW-17 1:4,5 full composite kit


The ASW17 1/4,5 is a very handy and robust glider with the latest aerodynamic design. Circling is easy in weak thermal lift. But its dynamic and agile flight characteristics enable high speed flight, too. The crow configuration of the 6-flapped wing allows for very slow landings with excellent controllability, hence landing on small fields is easy.


Due to its low wight, hand launching on the slope or with EDF is easy, even for non javelin throwers. The wing airfoil has been designed by Michael Kiefer, who, together with friends, also built a prototype glider.


Wingspan:4,44 m
Lenght of fuselage:1,67 m
Weight (all up):5,0 kg
Wing area:72 qdm
Airfoil:10 %
Wing construction:carbonfibre
Fuselage construction:fibreglass/carbon
Transport length appr.:2,15 m


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