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Futura 2.5m full composite kit, painted type E blue , combo with Electron e-retr

Futura 2.5m full composite kit, painted type E blue , combo with Electron e-retr

£3,871.47 Regular Price
£3,786.08Sale Price

The model series FUTURA stands for the name Tomahawk like no other. It is the most well known model in the portfolio. Pilots around the whole world enjoy the advantages of this excellent sports jet.


The concept of the FUTURA was developed together with a well known designer from the automotive industry as also an engineer for aerodynamics from British Aerospace. It is the special design and the optimized aerodynamic through simulation which led to the special appearance and the incredible flight performance. The goal, to bring a sport jet to market without compromises for pattern flight and with the ability to fly constant speed maneuvres at any time could be completely achieved. 


The result is really remarkable. Pilots as also judges around the world were quickly pleased and convinced by the concept. Numerous championships were taken home and a lot of pilots were very pleased with their results in competition. The plane is good for beginners in the jet scene as well as for the experienced jet jockey. The FUTURA is without any doubt one of the best known and most respected sports jets on the world market. 


We at Tomahawk Aviation care a lot about bringing the best product to market and listening to our pilots. We like to fullfill wishes from our customers where we can. This is the reason to bring the V 2.0 to market. We increased the completion level significantly so that work like installing the intake for example is taken away from the pilot. And we offer now also fully painted models in different designs.


Please contact us for further color schemes!


The Kit:

The FUTURA 2.5 V2.0 is weight optimized and produced in FRP and CFR technology. The wings and tailplanes are equipped with all reinforments. The fuselage now has the pre installed intake, all vertical frames and the structure for the RC equipment. The large canopy has the pre installed lock and allows easy access to all components in the jet from the top.


There is a good assortment of accessories available which is well selected by us and optimized for the operation of the jet. This are for example the thrust pipe, landing gear, tanks and so on.


We also offer a new vector thrust unit including servo mount. This will allow you to fly aggressive turns, flat spins and summersaults. 



  • Sports jet optimized for beginners and acrobatics
  • Designed for turbines of 16kg thrust or above
  • Produced in FRP/CFR technology
  • All reinforcements installed (new)
  • Pre installed vertical frames (new)
  • Intake fully installed, sanded and painted (new)
  • Canopy lock installed (new)
  • Improved angle of incidence (new)
  • Easy access to all components from the top due to extra large canopy
  • Selected accessories available
  • Color in white or fully painted in several designs available
  • Stock Status

    Please contact us on our Facebook page or via our email for stock status & estimated delivery times before/when placing your order.

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