Futura 1,9 m painted type B

The Kit

The Futura is complete built in glas- and carbonfiber sandwich technology and all mechanical structures as well as the mounting plates for the servos are ready installed. All accessories like exhaust pipe, fuel tank and landing gear are for this kit available.


Parts included

  • Composite parts of wings, fuselage and horizontal stabilizer
  • Wing joiner built in
  • Stabilizer joiner built in
  • Canopy
  • Turbine rib built in
  • Retract mount built in
  • CNC milled parts (wood and FRP), bolts and nuts etc.


Needed to complete

  • Turbine
  • Thrust pipe
  • Tank
  • Retracts
  • Wing-protection-bags (needed in case of shipping from us)
  • RC components