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BVM F-100F

BVM F-100F


North American Aviation modified the F-100D by extending the forward fuselage with a 36" long insert to accommodate a second cockpit. The resulting "two holer" was dubbed the F-100F and was used by the U.S. Air Force for training and Wild Weasel and Misty FAC missions during the Vietnam War. It also saw considerable use in the Air National Guard during the late 60's and 70's.


Similar to other fighter/attack aircraft of this era the "F" was adorned with many different paint schemes.
Thanks to Lynn McCaulley who took photo's and measurements of a real "F", we were able to accurately reproduce the panel lines and details such as added vents and the elimination of two 20mm cannons and the relocation of the remaining two.


The 1-1/2 pounds of extra weight up front in the BVM model was compensated for by moving the engine and other components aft.





F-100 F

includes - airframe (all composite) with hardware, cockpit deck, plans & instructions.




Landing Gear System (complete)

Includes - retracts, air install package w/door cylinders, struts, wheels, brakes, and Smooth Stop brake valve.





All turbine installation kits include BVM Bypass system, S.S. tailpipe (double wall), S.S. augmenter, and hardware.

JetCat P-180RX- £586


JetCat P-200SX - £729.70

Jet Central Rhino - £689.42


KingTech K-180G- £689.42



Kevlar Kerosene Fuel Cells



*Price does not include shipping*

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