BAE Hawk 100 2.85m full composite kit white

BAE Hawk 100 2.85m full composite kit white


Parts included:

  • Composite parts of wings, slats with hinges, fuselage, horizontal stabilizer with cover, rudders, air-intakes complete set, canopy-frame, gear-doors (total 34 parts)
  • Wing joiner built in
  • Stabilizer joiner built in
  • Servomounts built in
  • Retract mount for main gear built in
  • Rocker for horizontal stabilizer built in
  • Canopy
  • CNC milled parts (wood and FRP)
  • Necessary bolts and nuts e.t.c.


Necessary to use:

  • Turbine engine
  • Thrust pipe
  • Tank
  • Retract  landing gear
  • Linkage set for elevator no. 30138
  • Linkage set for rest of rudders no. 10565
  • Linkage set for geardoors no. 10566
  • Alu-ball-joint set for flaps no.10563
  • Canopy-lock , set no. 90212
  • Wing-protection bags (mandatory if model will be shipped from us)
  • RC components


Wingspan: 2,85 m
Lenght of fuselage: 3,70 m
Weight (all up): 19,50 kg


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