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Tomahawk AIROX Sportjet 2.0 m

Tomahawk AIROX Sportjet 2.0 m


The AIROX Sportjet sets new benchmarks of performance , contruction , aerobatic capabilities and speed in its class. The construction was done completely in CAD , here we put our focus on aerodynamic and dynamic style. All moulds are CNC machined , with this technique we achiev a perfect airfoil and shape.


The range of the flight charcter is wide , the AIROX can be flown very fast and almost like an F3A aerobatic plane , but it is always easy to handle and can be flown smooth and easy as well. Take off and landing is easy because of the deep wings , reaction on rudders is very streight. You can use turbine engines from 12kg-18kg because of the very durable construction , you can use EDF as well if you like to fly electric. The AIROX is a cooperation of FW-models and Tomahawk Aviation , the design was made by ceflix. 


- Ribs for Turbine-engine mounting and tretract built in

- wing and stabilizer joiner built in

- servo mounts built in

- painted with UV resitant colour    

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