Glider_it Ventus
  • Glider_it Ventus

    The idea behind the project was to create a semi-scale version of this famous performing glider, balancing the flying feeling of a glider of such dimensions but having at the same time a model capable to guarantee good performance in both weak wind and thermal conditions.


    Wings are fully glass molded with a sophisticated longitudinal spar laminated with a mixed structure of plywood, fiberglass and carbon. The chosen airfoil is a modified Eppler profile able to offer maximum efficiency in a wide range of speed. Room for airbrakes is already present on wings (airbrakes not included in the kit).


    Fuselage, rudder and elevator are also fully glass molded and carbon reinforcements are placed in order to adequately deal with any kind of strains coming from aerodynamic forces.


    Technical Data

    Wing span:4500mm

    Wing area: 64 dm2

    Fusolage lenght: 1650mm

    Weight (OD, glider config.): 5.6kg

    Weight (OD, extralight tech., glider config.): 5kg

    Wing load (OD, extralight tech., glider config.): 79g/dm2


    Suggested Engine Setup

    Battery cell: 5sLipo

    Battery capacity: 4000mAh

    Propeller: 18x13

    • Ordering

      Due to the customisation opportunities of each order we recommend facebook messaging or emailing us so we can fully configure your model.