Slingshot XL "yellow" F3K DLG 1,50m wingspan bags

The SLINGSHOT XL  1.5m ARF is a full-carbon High Tech DLG of the latest generation and a class that is becoming increasingly popular (F3K).

Because it's just amazing how these small planes realize their performance. They also fit on the hat rack of every car.


The full-carbon wing of the SLINGSHOT XL1,5 ARF has an XPS core and is laminated with 20gr / dm² spread carbon.


The fibre glass/carbon fuselage is manufactured from front to back in the new inflation technology. The front fuselage was deliberately made in fiberglass and is therefore capable of 2.4 GHz, without having to move the antennas to the outside. The rear fuselage is laminated with 20gr / dm² spread carbon to provide the proper strength to the tail.


Under the canopy, four micro-servos, the battery and the 4-channel receiver can be accommodated. The canopy just slides on the nose.

Elevator and rudder are articulated by steel cable and return spring, the ailerons classic over 0.8mm steel wires.


The elevator is attached to a pylon with 2 screws. The rudder is glued directly to the fuselage tail.


All holes, threads and screwed connections are prefabricated in the fuselage and wing.

Scope of delivery: fuselage , wing, tail units,  linkages, small parts , fuselage and wing + rudder protection bags, and a D / E manual.


Schwerpunkt: 63 mm
Wingspan: 1,50 m
Lenght of fuselage: 1,03 m
Weight (all up): 250 g
Airfoil: 1-special DLG
Wing construction: Voll-CfK, XPS Kern
Fuselage construction: Voll-CfK, Spread-Tow Gewebe