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Single Action valve for Brake and Gear

Single Action valve for Brake and Gear


Programmable electronic valve with innovative proportional ON/OFF function; after connecting to the receiver or the sequencer, you will be able to chose the working mode, the time of PWM (pulse wide modulation) and the opening and closure end points of the valve.

The two working mode are: Proportional ON/OFF (for opening landing gears, doors etc...) and Totaly Proportional (specific for pneumatic brakes).

The new proportional ON/OFF function, absolutely new, allows you to slow down the movement of landing gears and doors without narrowing the air tubes, avoiding a rough opening or closure: the air doesn't pass immediately to the maximum pressure but slowly during a programmed range of time.

It is provided with Jr cable and two 3mm air tube connectors.

Please Note: if you have a double effect landing gear system you have to use two electronic valves and to programme them so that one is open when the other is closed and vice versa.

Technical Details:

- Operating voltage: 5.5V - 7.4V

- Selectable PWM Proportional or ON/OFF mode

- Opening and closure programmable end points

- Current drain: 100mA (valve opened)

- Operating pressure: up to 10 bar

- Dimensions: 28x12x29mm - 18x18mm (base)

- Weight 27gr

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