Pilot-RC 20% Extra-330SC 60in (1.52m) (Yellow/Red Checker)

Pilot-RC 20% Extra-330SC 60in (1.52m) (Yellow/Red Checker)


  • Strong yet light weight design, specially developed for precision acrobatic and 3D flying
  • Highly prefabricated, experienced builders can have air ready in under a day
  • Fibreglass cowling – matching paint
  • Removable wings
  • Push pull system for rudder
  • Laser engraved motor mounting position



  • Model: Extra 330SC – 20%
  • Wingspan: 60in (1,520mm)
  • Length: 56in (1,430mm
  • Wing Area: 720 sq in (4,648 cm2)
  • Weight: 5.95lbs (2.4kg)


Included Hardware

  • Complete air frame with all basic accessories (such as carbon fibre main undercarriage, tail-gear assembly and wing-tube as well as fibreglass control horns and wheel pants)
  • Wheels, axles and wheel pants
  • Pushrods with ball links
  • Wing bags
  • Servo extension wires


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