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DUPLEX 2.4EX Empfänger R4H

DUPLEX 2.4EX Empfänger R4H


DUPLEX 2.4EX Empfänger R4H


- full range Rx

- high JETi quality - low price

- 4 servo channels (default setting)

- with special FW also 3 channel and and telemetrie connector possible (JETI Basic-telemetry, non-EX)

- hard case

- exclusive designed for Hacker Motor


techn. datas:

Weight [g]  7,6
Dimensions [mm]  40 x 22 x 7
Number of channels  max. 4
Telemetry  JETI Basic-telemetry, non-EX (display of the values at the jeti box/-emulation)

Operational temperature [°C]  -10 ... 85
Antenna Length [mm]  2 x 100
Supply Voltage [V]  3,2 - 8,4
Average Current [mA]  30
Satellite receiver support  No
Output Power [dBm]  15
Receiver Sensitivity [dBm]  -106

Protocol: only Servosignal, no PPM/UDI/EX Bus

- no settings via the device manager of the DS/DC tx possible

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