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DUPLEX 2.4EX Central Box 400 + 2x Rsat2 + RC Switch

DUPLEX 2.4EX Central Box 400 + 2x Rsat2 + RC Switch


Centralbox 400 + 2x Rsat2 + 1x RC Switch


The CentralBox 400 is a combination of a heavy-duty battery switch incl.Voltage reduction, 24 programmable servo sockets (secured for short cutt) and 4 Telemetry connections dar. Up to 2 receivers or RSAT2 satellites with serial or
PPM sum signal can be connected.  RC Switch for switching ON/OFF from the Duplex DS/DC Tx is  incl.


Set complete with CB400 + 2x RSat2 + 1x RcSwitch


Number of output channels: 24 with 5V voltage pulse level Satellite Receivers support: 2x Voltage regulation: 2x DC/DC converters with adjustable output voltage from 5 to 8,4V Telemetry: measures input voltage, current, consumed capacity, temperature, fuse activation External sensors: up to 4 sensors can be connected Overload protection for each output Protocol support: PPM, EXBUS, EX,.. Switch: Electronically controlled using a magnetic switch or a wireless RC Switch The output voltage of BEC is led out via MPX connectors with short circuit protection, each output with a sustained current of up to 15A Supports connection of more CentralBoxes
Possibility of steady fixation of incoming cables Mounting of the Central Box is vibration resistant Full-metal body for better heat dissipation



techn. Data CB400:

Weight [g] 271
Dimensions [mm] 130 x 86 x 19
Sustained current [A] 30
Supply voltage [V] 6 ... 14
Number of battery inputs 2
Peak current (300ms) [A] 200
Consumption in the off state [uA] 60

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