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Deluxe Materials POWERMODEL 2T-S

Deluxe Materials POWERMODEL 2T-S


500 ml.

Full synthetic model gasoline 2 stroke oil.

High temperature protection.

Accurate & easy mixing.


PowerModel 2T-S offers:

  • Safer running at high temperature.
  • Maximum resistance to seizure & wear in extreme conditions.
  • Cleaner exhaust emissions
  • Outstanding piston & cleanliness
  • Outstanding throttle response
  • Attractive odour.
  • Protection while the engine is switched off
  • Outstanding fresh & saltwater corrosion protection.


PowerModel 2T-S is a unique, full synthetic, high detergent 2 stroke oil. It works at all recommended ratios for 2 stroke gasoline air & water-cooled engines used in model aircraft, cars & boats. It can also be used in 4 stroke engines when the manufacturer recommends a good quality 2 stroke oil. It is specially designed to provide high temperature protection required for extreme conditions of sustained high power/rpm in restricted airflow conditions.PowerModel 2T-S is easily blended to give stable mixtures with leaded, unleaded and oxygenated gasolines (~20% ethanol) and recommended specially at 50/1 or in according to manufacturers recommendations.


Running in: Follow the engine manufacturer’s recommendation. Then use PowerModel 2T-S as above.



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