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Crack Fokker Dr.I Triplane Red baron

Crack Fokker Dr.I Triplane Red baron


Crack Fokker Dr.I Triplane Red baron


This Fokker Dr.1 will inspire you!!!


The flight characteristics of crack Fokker cant be compared with any other model. Loops can be flown extremely narrow.

Because of the three wings and six ailerons the roll rate is phenomenal. The Fokker can be flown so extremely slow,
you will mean it is slowmotion.

Really fun comes on when you mix the two aileron servos, for example all six ailerons are mixed as a snap-flap function.

The model will be much slowlyer and can you snap-flap 90° flying around the corner.
The Crack Fokker makes you already addicted during the first flight.

Shape and color are based on the original Plane of the "Red Baron".


Lets have fun !!!


Technical specifications:

Wingspan: 890mm
Length: 860mm
Takeoff weight: 250g
Functions: aileron, rudder and elevator, motor

Delivery content:

Kit with printed EPP parts, Manual.

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