GP-176 EVO

Great Power 176-EVO Engine

Providing an extra 1.5 horsepower and 200 rpm more than GP-176. And a made-for-extreme flight design ensures the best power-to-weight ratio for the best 3D performance. The Evo gives that little extra that takes your flight into the winners circle.


Displacement: 176cc

Bore: 53mm

RPM Range: 1100-8900

Output: 20.5 Horsepower

RPM: 6300 with Mejzlik 30×13 Evo/ 6400 with GP Prop 30×13

 ※Technical Data:

Compression Ratio: 9.2:1

Weight: Engine: 3550g/ 2 Mufflers: 430g/ Ignition: 202g

Gasoline: 92 Unleaded

Gasoline/Oil Mix Ratio: 40:1

Carburetor: Walbro WJ-27

Spark Plug: NGK CM-6