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Glider_it Cobra

Glider_it Cobra


The Cobra is a full composite flying wing of 3.200 mm co-designed and developed together with Ing. Giuseppe Ghisleri, one of the most capable Italian RC designer, model builder and pilot.


The fuselage can also host an electric engine up to 50 mm diameter.


Technical Data

Wing span:3200mm

Wing area: 86dm2

Fusolage lenght: 1,030mm

Weight (OD, glider config.): 4kg

Weight (OD, extralight tech., glider config.): 3.6kg

Wing load (OD, extralight tech., glider config.): 42g/dm2


  • Ordering

    Due to the customisation opportunities of each order we recommend facebook messaging or emailing us so we can fully configure your model.

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