Bora F5J PNP 2,54 m ( bags)

• Full-carbon competition model of class F5J 400 in PNP
• Model comes assembled with electronics and linkages mounted (except battery and receiver)
• Fuselage in Spread-Tow Carbon
• Wing in biaxial carbon on Airex core
• Drive, servos and linkages completely installed

The set includes wing and rudder protection bags


RC functions:
• speed ​​control
• elevator (1x)
• rudder (1x)
• ailerons (2x)
• flaps (2x)


Wingspan: 2,54 m
Lenght of fuselage: 1,35 m
Weight ( empty): 450 g
Weight (all up): 700-780 g
Wing area: 42,64 dm²
Airfoil: MD AG-40, AG-41, AG-42
Wing construction: Voll-CfK, Biaxial Carbon
Fuselage construction: Voll-CfK, Spread-Tow Gewebe