Bonanza V35 full composite kit white

Bonanza V35 full composite kit white


The kit:

The history of the plane and its great look in the air inspired us at Tomahawk Aviation to develop a scale version of the Beechcraft Bonanza. We chose a scale of 1:2,87 to give it a reasonable size. It has a wingspan of 3,55m.


The model turned out as very beautiful replic of the orginal andin the air a few meters aways it is very hard to distinguish it from the original. This is what we were looking for. On the ground it offers a great deal of detail and a marvellous finish. We are convinced that it will please even the most critical scale enthusiast.


The kit is produced as an FRP/CRP sandwich construction either in white or optional painted in the mold.  The model weighs under 25kg and is very stiff and robust. The limit for menouvres is more the engine and not the cell. 

The model comes with a tri-cycle landing gear and can be equipped with electric brakes. The wheel wells are being closed with a total of 6 gear door, as scale as possible to the original. We offer as an option a full lighting set including landing light. We also offer tip tanks and a scale cokpit. The fuslage can be accessed by the large doors.


The model is designed for a 3W 4 Cylinder engine with 140ccm with electric starter. But it can also be equipped with an electric power system. 



  • Scale kit of Beecraft Bonanza V35
  • kit, painted in white, produced in FRP/CRP sandwich
  • painted in mold optional
  • scale surface finish
  • scale cockpit optional
  • scale accessories optional
  • electric tri cycle landing gear with electric brakes optional available
  • complete light set optional
  • gear wells with 6 gear doors
  • motor recommendation 4 cylinder with 140ccm
  • electric power system possible
  • wing tips can be rplaced by optional tip tanks
  • under 25kg take off weight


Parts included :

  • Composite parts of wings, fuselage, V-tail, rudders, cowl, cabin doors, wing tips and gear doors. (total 16 parts)
  • Wing joiner built in
  • Stabilizer joiner built in
  • Servomounts built in
  • Window-set (7 pats)
  • CNC milled parts (wood and FRP)
  • Necessary bolts and nuts e.t.c.


Necessary to use:

  • Motor
  • Propeller
  • Tank
  • Landing gear
  • Linkage set for gear doors no.30237
  • Linkage set for all rudders no. 30236
  • Canopy-lock , set no. 30240
  • Wing-protection bags (mandatory if model will be shipped from us)
  • RC components


Wingspan: 3,55 m
Lenght of fuselage: 2,83 m
Weight (all up): 24,20 kg
Suitable engine size: 140 ccm
Wing construction: fibreglass/carbon composite
Fuselage construction: fibreglass/carbon


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