BLIZZARD 2,0m full-carbon ARF

The BLIZZARD is our best allround-model , it has a wide flying-speed range and offers the pilot almost all kind of opportunities. Even if you fly hard and quick , the model is unbreakable in the air because it is fully made from carbon-fibre . The wing is equipped with aileron and flaps , so the pilot can chose his own kind of flying style .


The nose former has 35 mm and offers the opportunity to use all kind of motors of the 36mm class with conic front housing . for example Robbe Ro-Power Tourque 3522 , the battery could be 4S with 3300mAh.


Wingspan: 2,00 m
Lenght of fuselage: 1,19 m
Weight ( empty): 800 g
Wing area: 32,2 qdm
Airfoil: All-round mod.
Wing construction: carbonfibre
Fuselage construction: CFR