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Tomahawk BAE Hawk Mk.66 full composite glass / carbon kit white

Tomahawk BAE Hawk Mk.66 full composite glass / carbon kit white


The Hawk was developed in England by British Aerospace in the 70s as a successor of the hunter. It was used as trainer jet as well as in the armed version. The hawk was well known throughout the world by their spectacular displays of the British aerobatics team “Red Arrows”.

With our model of the BAE Hawk MK.66, we have done everything possible to offer you a jet model with all the scale features. Thus, all rivets and panel lines, maintenance hatches, boundary layer fences etc. were taken from the original.

Our Hawk impresses with precise response and absolutely neutral flight characteristics. Its low flying weight of under 25kg makes each landing a pleasure. Due to the robust trailing landing gear legs, it is easy to start and land even on grass runways. Even the not so experienced pilot can hardly do anything wrong.
There is only one real "Toma-Hawk"!


The Kit:

The full GRP kit, which is manufactured in modern GRP /CFRP sandwich-vacuum technology, we can offer you with a complete set of accessories from scale landing gear, scale cockpit, tailpipe up to GRP tank, everything in field proven quality.



  • Full GRP Kit
  • Manufactured in modern GRP /CFRP sandwich-vacuum technology
  • Scale landing gear, scale cockpit, tailpipe, GRP tank and many more optional available
  • Scale 1:3,5


Parts included:

  • Composite parts of wings, slats with hinges, fuselage, horizontal stabilizer with cover, rudders, air-intakes complete set, canopy-frame, gear-doors (total 34 parts)
  • Wing joiner built in
  • Stabilizer joiner built in
  • Servomounts built in
  • Retract mount for main gear built in
  • Rocker for horizontal stabilizer built in
  • Canopy
  • CNC milled parts ( wood and FRP)
  • Necessary bolts and nuts e.t.c.


 Necessary to use:

  • Turbine engine
  • Thrust pipe
  • Tank
  • Retract  landing gear
  • Linkage set for elevator no. 30138
  • Linkage set for rest of rudders no. 10565
  • Linkage set for geardoors no. 10566
  • Alu-ball-joint set for flaps no.10563
  • Canopy-lock , set no. 90212
  • Wing-protection bags (mandatory if model will be shipped from us)
  • RC components


Wingspan:2,70 m
Lenght of fuselage:3,49 m (inclusive Pitotrohr 22 cm)
Weight (all up):19,00 kg
Required turbine size:16 kg
Wing construction:fibreglass/carbon composite
Fuselage construction:fibreglass/carbon


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