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3DHS 44" Slick 580 Orange

3DHS 44" Slick 580 Orange


3DHS 44" Slick 580

The king of aerobatic parkflyers, the 44" Slick gives real performance on 3S lipo. The stunning appearance of the single-piece oracover (no seams between colors), lightweight design incorporating bonded carbon fiber, and highly-developed aerodynamics combine to produce the best little aerobatic plane on the market. No coupling, no bad habits, extreme control rates predictable handling make this the best go-to aircraft for aerobatic park flying.

The 44" Slick 580 includes all the features you come to expect from 3DHS:

  • Two-piece removable wings
  • Carbon wingtube
  • Carbon fiber landing gear
  • Wood construction
  • Genuine Oracover
  • Quality hardware
  • Two digitally applied color schemes
  • Fully 3D capable
  • Easy to fly and land


Winspan: 44"
Length: 39"
Wing Area: 375 Sq. Inches
Weight 36-41oz

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