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3DHS 61" Extra 330LT

3DHS 61" Extra 330LT


61" Extra 330LT 

The latest addition to the stunning Extra 330LT line, the 61" brings this ultra-performance design to the convenient 50E size. Perfectly matched to the XPWR Torque 4016-500 and 6S lipo, the 61" is a hot rod that floats. You get everything you want in this package: scale details like true sculpted tips and a gorgeous detailed oracover scheme - carbon in the landing gear, wing tube and fuselage - beautiful paintwork - really lightweight construction - no rock/no coupling/no excuses handling - a complete hardware system and more. In the new era of extreme aerobatics, just 3D'ing well is no longer enough. The new 61" exploits all the latest technology to give you looks, quality, quick asembly, 3D, precision and fun!

Product Information


Wingspan: 61"
Length: 57" 
Wing Area: 680 sq. inches 
Weight: 4.5-5.5 lbs.

Electric Power System

Electric Motor
Torque 4016T/500 MKII with 6S 2650-3200mAh, 16x7 prop
Hacker A40-10S with 4S 3300-4200mAh, 14x7 prop
Hacker A40-12S with 5S 3000-3700mAh, 13x6.5 prop
Hacker A40-12S with 4S 3300-4200mAh, 14x7 prop
Hacker A40-14S with 5S 3000-3700mAh, 14x7 prop
Electronic Speed Control
Airboss 60 amp



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